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pegasus bridgehorsaAlready arrived at Carentan , to visit the landing beaches. During the drive to Carentan we made a stop at Ranville / Benouville for a visit at the Memorial museum of the Pegagus Bridge. I think this is one of the finest museums that I know off. Because of the many personal messages, objects and inheritance, this museum has a special story to tell. The idea that so much effort is made to keep the bridge makes it almost a kind of pilgrimage and for me it stands as a symbol for the connection between the different groups of people who come to visit this bridge. On the bridge itself are still bullet holes found that arose during the battle for the bridge. Se for more photo's Pegagus Bridge

higgens boatUTAH beach also has such a quiet and modest look. To walk one of the beach exits to walk is a strange awareness. so peaceful it is hard to put into mind the actions which took place ont the same spot. The café opposite (Le Roosevelt) is a great example of Then and Now as they nicely show on a board how it looked when the Americans just landed here.

In Saint Vaast la Houghue we found the ‘Higgens’ landing boat PA30-4 on the dock for repair. In Carentan Port the sig says i twill be oprational again in the summer of 2012. But to us i twill taken a little bit longer. Still it is an unique relic of past time.

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