blog - Landing beaches 2

omaha beachLate in the afternoon we were at Omaha beach. I wanted to make a specific comparison photo. So we left the American war cemetery and went looking for the point of the photo. In the hamlet of 'Saint-Laurent-Sur-Mer " it is very clear what the Americans had to overcome : very wide beaches and steep dunes.

Omaha beachOne of the striking photographs of Omaha Beach was taken at the beaches of the small town. If you follow the coastal road ‘Rue Bernard Anquetil’ from ‘Les Moulins’ towards the cemetery you will reacht at the end of the road a bunker with an original cannon standing halfway up a dune and besides one of the exits from the beach. This is the bunker of the photo and the dune where the photo was taken lies behind it. On this particular place you really get a good sense of how it must have been here in the early hours of June 6. An extra dimension was the fog that suddenly came up from the sea. Very strange and it disappeared again after 2-hour, but it carried it to the feeling.

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