blog - A remote grave and a facade

culey le patryFirst night sleep at our 'Chateau La Cour’. It really is a tiny hamlet with few houses on a hill. The strange thing is that the public cemetery also is a war cemetery. To me it felt very strange as this was a remote area and also a small cemetery. I first walked by the grave but then I saw it, when I wanted to return to the car, that there was 1 person lying there: 'Flight Sergeant Wilson’ from Brisbane, Australia. Died in air battle, he lies there all alone on this very small cemetery. It so happened that that evening new guests at the B&B would arrive from Austrialia…could it be family? But that was not the case.

thury hartcourtIn the village nearby (‘Thury Hartcourt’) is another remarkable site: ‘Château of the Dukes of Harcourt’, at least only the facade. On 13–4 August 1944 the German forces retreated from the town and set fire to the chateau, which had suffered little damage up to that point The view nowdays is a bit macabre against the twilight. The buildings at the former railway station are also still ruins.

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