blog - Caen a rebuild city

caen 02If you read the travel guides for Normandy there only a few towns and villages that did not suffered enormously from the war: 'this town is 70%, 80% destroyed', '6 out of 10 houses are damaged in this town', etc. It makes you admire the local residents  for  the energy that the they have put in rebuilding the houses and churches. You have to look carefully to find damage of the war onto the existing homes. Nevertheless, many of today's houses are obviously built after the war. Similarly, the city of Caen which has suffered enormously from the war, looks great. The fortress stands proud and at the cathedral and the two abbeys have become beautiful government buildings now. Only before the abbey 'des hommes' stands the ruins of 'Église Saint-Etienne-le-Vieux' which stand as a symbol for the Cities destruction.
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