blog - Siegfried Line Roetgen

Near Monschauer Straße 224, AachenThis weekend we went on a short trip to the Ardennes. Although we have visited it before there are many places to find and pictures to take. On the way to our B&B in Robertville we made a little detour to see the remains of the Siegfried Line near Roetgen.

Roetgen, GermanyIt was here that the American's first entered Germany and few days later on the 13th of September they were able to cross the Siegfried Line (Westwall). Today there are still many remains of this defenses, most notable the dragon teeth's to stop the tanks from crossing it. At Roetgen we faced a closure of the road on which the picture was taken. But we found a way to cross the roadblock (almost like then :-) ) and searched for the dragon teeth's.

Much to our surprise it was all covered with plants and trees now, as the pictures we had even after the war did show a clear sight of the Line. It is now in private hand but luckily the gate was open and we were able to see the remains more in detail.