blog - Stavelot, Trois Pont, La Gleize

At Robertville we made a trip from Ligneuville through La Gleize. The same route Kampfgruppe Peiper took when the German armies were to break through the US lines in the Ardennes, to cross the River Meuse and take Antwerp, cutting the Allied forces in two.

Advance through Ardennes


StavelotIn the advance through the Ardennes they came across an American column at Malmedey. It was here the Malmedey massacre took place. We have visited it again and also the very nice museum. In our earlier trip we made already some comparing pictures. After this terrible incident the Germans advanced to Stavelot. At Stavelot the American's failed the blow the bridge at first but gained time to regroup there units. This resulted in the blowing of the bridges at Trois Pont leaving Peiper only route to La Gleize. Meanwhile the weather improved and squadrons of P-47 Mustang Aircrafts where able to attack the 20 km long column. But in the dazzling ride the Kampfgruppe were stopped at La Gleize because of lack of ammunition and fuel. 

La GleizePeiper was given the use of the newest tank, the 70 ton Tiger II or King Tiger with its 7 inches of armor made it impervious to allied anti-tank weapons. However, the King Tiger had a high consumption of fuel (1/2 mile to the gallon) along with mechanical defects (mainly the tank's suspension system), which would continuously hinder Peiper's ability to reach his assigned objectives in Operation Wacht am Rhein. One of the few left Tiger Tanks is now visible at the La Gleize museum. 

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