70th Anniversary droppings Ginkelse Heide, Ede


marketgardenede 0770Today we are set to go early in the morning to the unique commemoration of airborne landings on Ginkelse Heide near Ede and Arnhem. Decided to go , for the expected number of spectators, to go on bike the last piece of the trip. On arrival it was already pretty busy. Walked to the Airborne Memorial. 

In September 1944 it was the largest airborne operation during the 2nd World War. Eventually there where even more droppings than during the D-Day landings. Just like 70 years the fog  also played in the today droppings. No less than 60,000 visitors had come down to this unique event.


Market Garden 70th AnniversaryNice to see how many people have come for this. Normally, this is a quiet piece of nature,  but once a year, people gather here to pay tribute to the men who give their lives for the freedom of our Nation and to end this war. 

Unfortunately it was still pretty foggy at 09:30 and you can look at most 20 meters ahead.




   Fog at Ginkelse Heide, Ede just like in september 1944  
   Fog at Ginkelse Heide, Ede just like in september 1944  


 So first, we visted  the enactment camp at 't weide veld. Fantastic to see what people have made of it to get it a little history to come to live.. Feeling you walked through a living museum. 


marketgardenede 0170 marketgardenede 0270   marketgardenede 0470
 marketgardenede 0570  Enactment at Ginkelse Heide  



Veteran at Ginkelse HeideDakato leaving at Vliegbasis Eindhoven for 1st dropping at Ginkelse HeideAt 10:00 the announcement that the droppings were postponed, again at 11:00. You get quite a bit of feeling what it must have been. 70 years ago. The moor in bloom and the fog that gives it a mystical picture. At the 11:15 the commemoration with some of the veterans started. After this moving hour the fog was still hanging over the moor.

The fog at Eindhoven Air Base also played a role. Fortunately the twitter account of the Airbase announced that at 14:00 the Dakota first plane was in the air to drop an half hour later the so long anticipated paratroopers...

   Dropping at Ginkelse Heide at 70th remembrance of Market Garden operation  
  Dropping at Ginkelse Heide at 70th remembrance of Market Garden operation  


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