On the road near GemenosInfantry of the 7eme Regiment de Tirailleurs Algeriens and tanks of CC1 passing on the road from Gemenos. Other units of de 3eme cleared the nearby mountains of Germans.

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Cap Croisette

capcroisette viewAt Cap Croisette the Germans took over the French fort ' Napoleon'. Within this fort there where 4 138mm canons dating from 1910.  

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marseille liberationSignificant to the Allied cause in Europe was the capture of Marseille, France's largest port, and the rapid rehabilitation of the Rhone valley rail and road network. Until the opening of Antwerp in December 1944, this supply route was to satisfy over one-third of the Allied logistical needs in northern France.

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brignoles streetThe city was cleared by 1030 hours on Aug. 19 after a two-day battle. German troops in the action represented the 338th, 242nd and 244th infantry divisions along with the 189th Reserve Division. During the next 24 hours, Third Division troops would advance another 30 miles

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