Roetgen (Siegfried Line)

Siegfried Line - Dragon's teethOn the 13th of September the first breakthrough at the Siegfried Line was established at Roetgen, a town at the border of Belgium. A few days earlier (10th of September the first jeep crossed the border). The Siegfried Line was a defence system stretching more than 630 km (390 mi) with more than 18,000 bunkers, tunnels and tank traps.


Crossing of the Siegfried Line at Roetgen. Click to enlarge


The first breakthrough of the Siegfried Linie took place at the morning of Wednesday 13 September 1944. Advancing from Roetgen, a small village at the border Belgium-Germany, to Rott they came across the first dragon teeth. A crater blocked the tanks from crossing normally by road. So a few meters aside an new passage was created which still can be seen. Now days it is totally covered by plants and trees. The pictures of then show the impressive structure the Germans created.


HQ of the 28th Infantrydivision was situated in Rott 2 months after the initial crossing.Lt.Gen. Bradley and Gen. Eisenhower visited te same spot together.
Lt.-General Bradley and General Eisenhower at the Roetgen crosssing. Click to enlarge


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