Near Persano stood a tobacco factory which was like a revolving door: after first being attacked on the September 11 by the 157th Regiment, it changed hands twice the following day before coming under American control. On September 13 a strong German counterattack recaptured the tobacco factory, and they remained unshakable there for five more days and in so doing were able to block any American advance further inland.

Nowdays the fram houses different companies, but for a part it is still not rebuilt. It looks like ages stood still and some rebuilt buldings are collapsed again.


The Tobacco Factory situated not far north of the town of Persano was the scene of some of the bitterest fighting in the American sector of the Salerno beachhead (click pciture to enlarge)

PersanoAfter having gained a foothold in the Sele-Calore corridor the German tanks rode south through the narrow passage until a bridge over the Sele-Calore was reached. This wooden bridge was on fire three days earlier and became the major turning point of the counterattack by the Germans. The Allied had no more reserves to defend this place and everybody, musician to cook, was orderd to defend this stronghold. The Germans tried multiple times to cross the river, but fierce resistance and fire from the defenders helped save the line and the Avalanche operation.



Persano burned bridge present

Key point (bridge) of landings at Salerno (click pciture to enlarge)