Ede, Dropping Zone Y

Parachtue at Ginkelse Heide

In September 1944 the Airborne landings in operation Market Garden where the largest airborne operations during the 2nd World War. Eventually there where even more droppings than during the D-Day landings. Among the places where landings took place ar Nijmegen, Driel and Ede at Ginkelse Heide.


Dropping Zone Y, Ginkelse Heide Ede
Dropping Zone Y, Ginkelse Heide Ede. Click to enlarge


Sheepsfold Ginkelse HeideThe staff of the 4th Parachute Brigade had her collection point at the sheepfold. When Brigadier Hackett, who was part of the 156th Parachute Battalion, arrived here he had already taken five SS prisoner. At the rally Hackett was visited by Lieutenant Colonel Mackenzie of the staff of the 1st Airborne Division who explained the situation to him. On the Ginkel Heath the 10th Parachute Battalion, 156th Parachute Battalion, 11th Parachute Battalion, 4th Parachute Squadron Royal Engineers and the 133th Field Ambulance landed.

Airborne Memorial at Ginkelse Heide, EdeToday there is memorial at the sheepfold and yearly a remeberance takes place for the events which took place in sepetmebr 1944 and the part of operation Market Garden. It gives you a warm feeling that these events still are being remembered and that it was exceptional what these soldiers have done for our freedom. This small place in The Netherlands will always be associated to their efforts and sacrifice.