Kranenburg grosse strasse 1945After the Market Garden Operation, Operation Veritable was set in to accomplish General Dwight Eisenhower's "broad front" strategy to occupy the west bank of the Rhine before attempting any crossing. From Nijmegen the little town Kranenburg is the first town right near the border before entering the 'Reichswald'.
Kranenburg today is a typical border town of The Netherlands and Germany. When you walk the Main road (Grosse Strasse ), many Dutch cars and Motors will pass you by. Also many Dutch live in Kranenburg, but they are little integrated in the German society.
In the middle of the ‘Grosse Strasse’ there is still the ‘Zur Post’ where you can eat next to the ‘Evangelische Kirch’ from 1792
Kranenburg grosse strasse
British soldiers are about to burn the abhorred emblem click to enlarge